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CrossRef Depositor Report - Books

last updated on Dec 3,2019

total number of DOIs: 16370814

NameBook CountTotal DOIsField Report
A-R Editions338676
ABA Espana130
ABEAT - Associacao Brasileira de Especialistas em Alta Tecnologia11
ABEC Publicacoes1549
AI Publications22
AIJR Publisher313
AME Publishing Company13
ANAP - Associacao Amigos de Natureza de Alta Paulista854
ANU Press6085044
AR-Consult, LLC77
ASM International704539
ASME International 2227920
ASTM International178133782
Aarhus University Library4242
Academic Publications11
Academic Publishing House Geo, Ltd.2323
Academus Publishing44
Academy of Science of South Africa11
Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia anad Herzegovina1010
Accademia Italiana di Scienze Forestali33
Accent Graphics Communications and Publishing11
Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis315
Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan2323
Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University794312241