Crossref LIVE Locals

Come to our free-to-attend events where we open our doors for the whole community, welcoming publishers, librarians, researchers, funders, technology providers, and members alike to share their thoughts and to find out more about who we are and how to get the most out of Crossref.

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As well as the two-day Crossref LIVE annual event, we’re scaling up our program of local LIVE events which take place all around the world to cater to our global membership, with a program tailored to each country. These one-day seminars aim to cover the key elements of our organization and our services, but more importantly to have conversations with attendees and get feedback on what we’re doing right, and what could be better.

Over the past few years, we’ve hosted events in collaboration with our members in Shanghai, Vilnius, Seoul, Washington DC, Pretoria, and most recently Campinas, São Paulo, Beijing, Warsaw and Boston.

We’d love you to join us at one of the upcoming events…

Upcoming LIVE locals in 2018

Crossref LIVE Pretoria - April 17 2018 - Pretoria, South Africa
Crossref LIVE Cape Town - April 19 2018 - Cape Town, South Africa
Crossref LIVE Hannover - June 27 2018 - Hannover, Germany (registration coming soon)

Past events

Crossref LIVE Tokyo - February 14 2018 - Tokyo, Japan
OpenCon satellite event Oxford in collaboration with the Bodleian Library and Centre for Digital Scholarship - December 1 2017 - Oxford, UK
Crossref LIVE Yogyakarta - November 20 2017 - Yogyakarta, Indonesia Crossref LIVE Turkey - October 26 2017 - Online event Crossref LIVE London - September 26 2017 - London, UK Joint Global Infrastructure Conference (ORCID/Crossref/DataCite) - June 15 2017 - Seoul, South Korea Crossref LIVE Seoul - June 12 2017 - Seoul, South Korea Crossref LIVE Boston - May 30 2017 - Boston, MA, USA Crossref/THOR Outreach Meeting - April 24 2017 - Warsaw, Poland Crossref LIVE Beijing - March 30 2017 - Beijing, China Crossref LIVE Brazil - December 16 2016 - São Paulo, Brazil Crossref LIVE Brazil - December 13 2016 - Campinas, Brazil Crossref LIVE DC - June 16 2016 - Washington DC, USA Crossref South Africa Workshop on Good Practice Publishing - September 1 2015 - Pretoria, South Africa Crossref International Workshop - July 7 2015 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Crossref International Workshop - June 11 2015 - Vilnius, Lithuania Crossref International Workshop - April 29 2015 - Shanghai, China Crossref International Workshop - March 3 2014 - Barcelona, Spain

Sao Paulo auditorium

Interested in a Crossref LIVE event near you?

We’re always looking for suggestions from communities interested in Crossref, and partners who can help us manage the logistics of hosting an event in your area. We aim to discuss topics that are relevant and tailored to your community, and you can help steer us on that.

Pooling our Crossref knowledge and delegates’ expertise means everyone can get the most out of the day. We’ll deal with promoting the event, registration, agenda/shareable content, costs, Crossref staff and speakers, and handouts and materials for the day itself (food, notebooks, pens, and all that good stuff). We’ll ask for your local expertise on venues, sharing information and encouraging participation.

Contact us to volunteer as a host or suggest a LIVE local near you.

Last Updated: 2018 April 3 by Rachael Lammey