The Crossref Curriculum

Join as a member

You may want to join Crossref directly, or you can consider joining via one of our sponsors. These Sponsors can provide technical, billing, language, and administrative support to members. They are permitted to charge for the services they provide.

If you join Crossref via a Sponsor, you still have full voting rights just like any direct member, and are still responsible for fulfilling the member obligations - you just have help in doing this from your Sponsor.

Once you’ve decided which type of membership is right for you and are sure that you can fulfil the member obligations, you’re ready to apply:

  • Join as a direct member: simply complete our online form
  • Join as a member via a Sponsor: look at our list of Sponsors to find a suitable match, and make contact with them to find out about working together. If you both agree, the Sponsor will provide you with a link to an application form to accept our membership terms and become a Sponsored Member.

If you aren’t actually a publisher, but want to register content with Crossref on behalf of others, you can apply to become a Sponsor.

Last Updated: 2020 April 8 by Laura J. Wilkinson