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Verify your registration

Please note that there can be some delay between when you submit a metadata deposit and when it is processed by our system. This delay can vary between several minutes and several hours depending on how large your submission file is, and how busy our submission queue is at that time. If you don’t receive your submission log email immediately, it is likely that your deposit is waiting in the queue. You can check this by logging in to the admin tool, go to the Submissions tab, and Show System Queue sub-tab.

Has your DOI and its associated metadata been registered successfully? Here’s a quick way to test: enter your DOI link (DOI displayed as link, such as into a browser window, and check if it resolves correctly.

Verify your registration - Metadata Manager

Metadata Manager registers content in real-time - with no queueing of content. Additionally, submission messages are displayed in the tool itself, so you can see right away if its been successful or not.

Learn more about submitting a deposit, and reviewing deposit results in Metadata Manager.

Verify your registration - web deposit form

After you have submitted the web deposit form, we send you two messages:

  1. subject line: “Crossref WebDeposit - XML” and will include the XML created by the web deposit form. This is a confirmation that your file has been received for processing, and entered into our submission queue
  2. subject line: “Crossref Submission ID”. This email is sent once your XML has made it through the queue, and includes your submission ID, tells you if your deposit has been successful, and provides the reason for any failure.

Look out for your confirmation emails, which will tell you if your submission was successful. If your submission was successful, your content now has persistent identifiers and a Crossref metadata record. If your submission failed, please address the errors flagged in the confirmation, and resubmit.

Verify your registration - direct deposit of XML using our admin tool

Submissions via our admin tool are queued before content is registered. Once your submission has been accepted into the queue we display a “SUCCESS - Your batch submission was successfully received” message. This means that your deposit has been submitted to our processing queue, but it has not yet been processed. Registration of your content only occurs after your submission has worked its way through the queue, when you will receive an email with the subject line: “Crossref Submission ID” which includes your submission ID, tells you if your deposit has been successful, and provides the reason for any failure. If your deposit has been successful, your metadata deposit has worked, and your DOIs have been registered or updated.

Verify your registration - XML deposit via HTTPS POST

Most items registered with us are submitted via HTTPS POST. When files are POSTed to our system they are added to a submission queue to await processing, and we immediately send you an email confirmation that your file has been received for processing.

Last Updated: 2020 April 8 by Laura J. Wilkinson